About Us

PWPN is a leads-share organization where members share business referrals by establishing professional relationships at a weekly networking meeting.

How does PWPN work?
PWPN members help each other build their businesses by sharing referrals. Meeting on a weekly basis offers your business frequent exposure and the opportunity to build relationships. The group is small, averaging between 20-30 members, so it is easy to network. The official rules can be viewed here: PWPN RULES.

When does PWPN meet?
PWPN meets every Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. for a networking meeting at IHOP – Manassas Mall. You are welcome to attend two meetings as a guest. Please contact any member if you are interested in attending a meeting.

Would I be competing for referrals?
No, there is only one of each type of business allowed in the group. Check our member list to see if your business is already represented.

What happens at a typical meeting?
The meeting starts with each member giving a brief (one minute) synopsis of their business. Each week, one member also gives a 10-minute presentation detailing their business, followed by a Q&A session. Then members pass referrals and network with each other. A typical meeting lasts one hour.

What does it cost?
The fee to join PWPN is pro-rate at $5.00 per month and a $25.00 one-time application fee. The yearly renewal fee is $60.

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